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19 / Feb / 2020
While you’re staying at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa in the vibrant city of Colombo, you should step out and explore the wonders and exquisite sensations that the city has to offer. Colombo is a lively city with a rich history influenced by differ…
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3 / Feb / 2020
If you’re looking to spend an incredible evening under the stars at a great bar with the hottest cocktails in the buzzing city of Colombo, look no further. Perched on a rooftop with a fantastic city view and amazing ambience, Colombo Court Hotel &a…
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27 / Jan / 2020
To provide the deserved recognition and honour to travel partners for their exceptional hospitality, sustained outstanding performance and in delivering memorable holidays of extraordinary standards, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa (CCH) was awarded at…
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9 / Jan / 2020
A new class of beautiful in the hospitality industry is boutique hotels finding novel ways to indulge responsibly and provide its guests with unforgettable holiday experiences. As a pioneer in driving ‘green holiday’ and delivering memorable vaca…
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