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29 / Feb / 2020
First things first, Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise with warm and friendly people. They will always greet you and if you’re able to respond in the local language they’ll smile even bigger than usual! Secondly, if you must choose to learn only on…
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25 / Feb / 2020
Candlelight dinner under the warm glow of fairy lights with dinner music is by far the most beautiful and romantic date for any loving couple. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa (Colombo Court Hotel & Spa) offers a fantastic romantic getaway for all t…
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19 / Feb / 2020
While you’re staying at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa in the vibrant city of Colombo, you should step out and explore the wonders and exquisite sensations that the city has to offer. Colombo is a lively city with a rich history influenced by differ…
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3 / Feb / 2020
If you’re looking to spend an incredible evening under the stars at a great bar with the hottest cocktails in the buzzing city of Colombo, look no further. Perched on a rooftop with a fantastic city view and amazing ambience, Colombo Court Hotel &a…
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