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How often can you enjoy a holiday or a business trip and not harbour the guilt of leaving a carbon footprint on Mother Earth? At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, you can be rest assured that such a burden does not weigh you down. This Carbon-neutral hotel is living proof that the Hospitality Industry has people that care and possess a passion for the environment. The hotel designed from up-cycled office buildings is an art-incorporated sustainable property and is recognized as one of the most distinctive eco hotels in Sri Lanka. Having used scrap metal, recycled paper, LED lights and completely eco-friendly décor, this beautiful boutique hotel has tried its best to embody sustainability in its true sense.

With the preservation of Mother Nature at heart, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has also established its own Rain Water Collection systems, while Solar Panels are utilized for natural water heating. In addition to this, the hotel is beautified by pieces of art that have been put together using scrap metal. A guilt-free urban heaven that’s yours to enjoy without damaging mother earth’s natural resources.

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