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Our aim is to provide you with quality products and service, without harming the environment.

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is South Asia’s First CarbonNeutral® City Hotel. Located centrally in Colombo’s Commercial Capital, it is
perfectly situated to be a universal meeting point in Colombo. Apart from the luxury Rooms and Suites available, Colombo
Court Hotel & Spa has 4 separate venues – a mix of Restaurants and Bars – that are great to host a multitude of events.

With seasoned Chefs from around the globe, headed by the renowned Chef R.T.N.P Queju, we have a diverse team
in our kitchen, waiting to serve you absolute delicacies that will leave you wanting more, no matter how sufficiently full you are. If our current a la carte menus don’t suit your fancy, our experienced team is more than happy to serve you a bespoke menu. Customized service is paramount at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa.

We are also fortunate to have our own in-house Mixologist and Sommelier, ready to recommend and serve you some of
the best wines and spirits in the market. With a choice of liquor as vast as ours, their expertise comes in handy. Cocktails
are also a speciality and Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, with an extensive range, created by our very own Mixologist.

Amber Poolside

Amber Poolside, as the name says, is Colombo Court Hotel & Spa’s poolside venue. Set under plush greenery, surrounded by decades-old trees decorated in fairy lights, this beautiful venue offers a very relaxed environment that is ideal for cocktails, private parties, weddings, and intimate dinners.

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating35
Cocktail Party150
Board Room40
Amber Poolside 2300 sq ft. Plan an Event
Cloud Cafe

Cloud Cafe is our rooftop venue, open to the stars. Able to accommodate the biggest crowd, this venue is great for parties and events where people can get up and have a great time!

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating90
Cocktail Party200
Board RoomN/A
Cloud Cafe : 2500 ft² Plan an Event
Loft Lounge Bar

An industrial-esque venue with furniture made from scrap metal and tractor seats, Loft Lounge Bar features a setting perfect for that intimate cocktail with your office crowd or friends.

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating43
Cocktail Party80
Board RoomN/A
Loft Lounge Bar: 775 ft² Plan an Event
Scarlet Room

An upscale meeting location with the facilities of star class service. The Scarlet Room is a specialized location designed for corporate meetings. Use the Scarlet Room for presentations, interviews, client pitches or training for your company. It is fully equipped with projection equipment and tastefully furnished to give you the full meeting experience.

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating44
Cocktail Party50
Board Room40
Scarlet Room: 625 ft² Plan an Event
Grape Expectations

A room that is dedicated to wine and all things fancy, Grape Expectations gives you a venue that is perfect for that meet up with friends or even for some dinner and wine with a significant other.

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating10
Cocktail Party20
Board Room18
Grape Expectations : 360 ft² Plan an Event
The Library

Our most intimate venue. Its size makes it perfect for important discussions and meetings, with many a brainstorming session taking place within its confines. With a projector and white board set up, those creative juices will start flowing.

Seating Arrangements
Regular Restaurant Seating8
Cocktail PartyN/A
Board Room10
Library: 140 ft² Plan an Event
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