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14 / Nov / 2019
Today, in most cases than not, business is conducted outside the boardroom – at a stylish cocktail bar, over a coffee meeting or even with lunch at a cool and relaxed restaurant. These elements coupled with personalized service, a cozy room and a w…
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11 / Oct / 2019
Foods in Sri Lanka can be hot or very mild or can be combination being very much a question of individual preference. Sri Lankan food is unique for their Culture. Many Sinhala food items are derived from Chena cultivation. Sri Lankan cuisine plays a …
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8 / Oct / 2019
All around downtown Colombo 1, in the Fort Area, there are stunning monumental buildings dating back to the Dutch and British era of Sri Lanka. Back then (Colombo was declared the capital of Ceylon in 1815 by the British) this area was a real fort as…
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20 / Sep / 2019
The south coast of Sri Lanka is popular for its beautiful beaches and shorelines. The deep blue water of the Indian Ocean and the white and golden sand shores, makes for a perfect tropical retreat. There are many beaches in Sri Lanka that catches the…
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