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28 / Oct / 2016

10 Months Of Quiz At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa!


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Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is in it’s tenth month of consecutive Quizzing! Quiz Night with Dominic Kellar began at the start of 2016, with a humble crowd of about 25. Nine months later and this monthly quiz draws in roughly 60 people, making it one of the biggest in town!




Held at Amber Poolside,Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, the quiz runs 5 rounds with 10 questions per round. Genres each round vary from General Knowledge, to Movies to History, giving everybody the chance to rack up a few points. One of the 5 rounds is dedicated to a Theme Round for the night, where a special prize is allocated.

Adding a huge part to the Quiz itself, is its host – Dominic Kellar. Fondly known as ‘Dom’, this local celebrity has dabbled in all sorts of entertainment and is known for being quite the funny man! With years of experience hosting Quizzes around Colombo and all his funny bones, Dom brings life to an event that could seem potentially seem like an ‘after work exam’. While it’s all fun and games during the Quiz, a strict ‘no phone’ policy holds the peekers at bay. Caught with your phone? Shame and disappointment follows!


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Why go through a night of questions if you don’t win anything? At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we don’t hold back with our prizes! With a recent change in our first two prizes, First Place now wins themselves a bottle of  Rum AND a bottle of Vodka, while the Second Place winners goes home with a bottle of Rum. Third Place and Theme Round winners get vouchers to be used at our fine dining restaurant, Scarlet Room,  while the team with the Best Name (always a fun category) wins themselves a plate of Chicken Wings, Courtesy of our Chef.




All this happens at Amber Poolside. Amber Poolside, as the name implies, is the poolside cafe at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa that usually open between the hours of 11am and 5pm for lunch. Closed for general operations in the evening, the venue is an ideal location for events, both formal and informal. With beautiful greenery around you and a fairy light-wrapped tree, you’ll hardly feel that you are in the heart of the City.




With a cafe styled menu to choose from, with all those cocktails, deals and prizes and with Dominic at the helm, Quiz Night at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is easily one of the most fun after-work events a group of friends can go for.

Last Thursday of every month – Keep it free!

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