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2 / Feb / 2017

A Chilled Out Way To Start Your Weekend

Friday – a day longed by almost all (unless you work Saturdays that is). What’s in a Friday? Well it’s the end of the week for most people, and it brings about two days of freedom and bliss! Some people like to start the weekend with a bang! While others are more interested in just chilling out and going into de-stress mode.

Enter Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, your super central urban getaway. A chilled out Friday is exactly what we want to give you. Why should you visit us, you ask? For starters, we make some of the best cocktails in town! Don’t believe us? You should come down over a give it a shot. While cocktails are available everyday and go at 50% off during our daily happy hour from 5.30pm – 7.30pm, a cocktail on a Friday Night really hits the spot.

Molasses Pimm & Proper 2 Strawberry Margarita

Drink in hand, you now look for your meal. Cloud Cafe, our Rooftop cafe has an exciting menu with everything from amazing pizzas, to salads, to mutton piadinas. If there’s anything you would like done a special way, our Chef is ready to help you out. Years of experience and a love for his craft has made him one of the top Chefs in town, plus he’s always willing to listen to you and meet your needs. Need anything? Chef Ranjith’s waiting to hear from you.

Food and drink, ready to go, but it’s Friday, and you need ambiance. Cloud Cafe has just that. Set on our rooftop is the perfect ambiance for the most chilled out evening. We have veterans in the jazz music industry – Ray Gomes and his band, Replay, keeping you company from 7pm – 11pm with both standard and contemporary tunes. The lighting is also such at Cloud Cafe that it creates a nice, cosy venue for you and your friends, without being too disturbed by other people. Our ever attentive servers will do their best to suppress their enthusiasm to serve, and give you the space you need, checking on you ever so often to make sure your glass is not empty and that you aren’t going wanting.

Cloud Cafe

We understand what stress is, and we understand what is needed to release it. When you do drop in, make sure to head down over to our spa as well and book a therapy. Nothing like an authentic Balinese therapy to release that tension. If you’re having a long Friday night, maybe book yourself in on Saturday. Personally, a night out on Friday, with a relaxing therapy on Saturday, after which you STILL have ONE MORE DAY OF FREEDOM left, sounds like a pretty relaxing weekend! We would love for you to spend it with us.


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