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19 / Aug / 2019

A Day At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa

If you are the kind of person that loves visiting a hotel and literally spending all your time indoors, then a 360 on the hotel will come in handy.

Let your day begin by waking up in one of our magnificent Suites. Sip on a coffee made in your private coffee maker, while enjoying the peace of your own private courtyard. You could then head down to our fitness centre for a morning workout, and/or refresh yourself and head down to Amber Poolside, to feast on an International or Local breakfast. A recommendation – try our bread, it’s quite amazing.

Once done with breakfast, you can take a tour of our Hotel. The most noticeable sculptures around the hotel are the bicycle tree at the lobby, and the recycled bird that guards the lift entrance, fondly known as Timothy. While these objects are clearly visible, other nuances, such as 100 year old railway sleepers on our ceilings and walls, go unnoticed.

If you feel like you need a break from exploring the Hotel, step into our library, where you can browse through  a collection of books from around the world, including a selection of local novels and text as well. You can then choose to sit there with your choice of book or find another book nook where you can have some alone time.

It’s probably afternoon when you put that book down and it’s time to get some sun. Relax by our pool, jacuzzi or plunge pool, while you sip on one our exclusive cocktails, created by our own in-house Mixologist. Lunch is served at Amber Poolside, where we have a wide variety of dishes to choose from – from Fish & Chips to Involtini Di Pollo Primavera’ – we’ve got selection that won’t leave you wanting.

Once you’ve got enough of the sun, you’ll definitely be wanting to see what our Spa has to offer. Our therapists will help you choose the right therapy for the day at Amber Spa and will prepare you for your next hour of pampering. Authentic Balinese therapies are universally known to help with certain ailments, and Amber Spa specializes in many of these therapies, including Deep Tissue massages and Hot Stone therapies.

Now in complete ease, you have the enormous task of choosing what to do next. Grab a glass of wine and continue that book at our wine lounge – Grape Expectations, or you could head over to your room and simmer in a hot bath, with a bottle of wine ordered to your room. Life really is full of tough choices.

Your days almost done, but you need a bit of nightlife to add that cherry on top. You can head over to Loft Lounge Bar, a rustic industrial styled venue that has a great supply of cocktails, or you can head over to our rooftop restaurant – Cloud Cafe, with live entertainment aplenty – for some dinner.

After an exhaustingly relaxed day, head back to your Suite, snuggle in bed with pillows chosen from our pillow menu, put on that movie of your choice and look forward to another day at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa – your Urban Hideaway, in the heart of the City.

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