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29 / Jun / 2019

All You Need To Know About Colombo Court Hotel & Spa

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa was built on an amalgamation of five abandoned buildings and old houses that were merged together to give you this luxury urban boutique hotel. Designed by the renowned environmental designer, Sunela Jayewardene, with sculptures created by Prageeth Manohansa, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa was designed to be environmentally friendly, using recycled material across the hotel in construction as well as in interior decoration.

Colombo Court features 32 rooms with all amenities needed. Each room uniquely designed, giving you the opportunity to have something new to experience. The hotel has 3 room categories – Deluxe, Superior Deluxe and Suites, the latter making up most of the room numbers.

Amongst a luxury stay, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is a haven of comfort and relaxation housing a Spa, Gym, Pool, Jaccuzzi, Plunge Pool and 4 F&B outlets plus a Library and Wine Lounge.

The Library

The Library has a collection of books by renowned Authors from around the world, with a collection of local work as well, written by well-known local Authors. It is the perfect place for a corporate meeting, or even for those looking for a quiet book nook. Food and drink is served at the library for your convenience.


The gym at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is equipped with your basic gym requirements to keep you fit during your stay. There’s a tv to keep you company while you’re on the treadmill and Amber Poolside is located just outside, where you can grab a fresh juice afterwards.

Loft Lounge Bar

Loft Lounge Bar is one of the most artistic venues at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, and possibly, in Colombo. Majority to all the furniture is created either from recycled metal, wood or paper. The bar has one of the best cocktail menus in town, with unique cocktails created by our very own Mixologists. The dimly lit ambience, and lounge music in the background create a great environment for a pre-night out drink, with a well-stocked bar to choose from.

Cloud Café

Cloud Cafe is the Hotel’s Rooftop restaurant/bar, and is the most visited venue at our hotel. Open to the night sky, Cloud Cafe has a great ambience for you to relax after a long day – alone, or with friends. There is almost always some sort of entertainment on Thursday’s and Fridays. The menu features a pub-cafe mixed styled variety, with items ranging from pizzas to paninis. A great place to enjoy a mug of beer or even a glass of scotch – anything goes well under the stars.

Amber Poolside

Amber Poolside is your daytime cafe, where you can sit by the pool and enjoy a variety food and drinks. From a succulent mutton biriyani to a club sandwich, the choice is vast. On hot days, a chilled beer or one of our signature cocktails will really hit the spot. Amber Poolside is unique, because it sits under a natural covering of greenery, with trees – some close to 90 years old – protecting you from the sunlight.

Scarlet Room

Scarlet Room is our designated meeting space for corporate events, conferences, meetings and cocktails. Placed on the 1st floor of the hotel, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. We also offer a projection screen and a host of varied seating arrangements to suit your needs! With the best wait staff, your corporate events will take place in comfort!

Grape Expectations

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has an excellent selection of wine that any wine enthusiast can appreciate. Located near the library, Grape Expectations offers you the interesting opportunity to sit in an open lounge, which is still cool yet also open to the natural environment. A wall of air acts as a natural wall that keeps the coolness within the lounge, so that the heat does not get to you, while you sip on one of our many varieties of wine. It is a good venue to host corporate meetings and on the other extreme, to enjoy a good book.

Amber Spa

Located by the poolside, Amber Spa is our space of holistic wellness. With a wide menu of Balinese therapies to choose from, our Balinese Therapists will have you feeling relaxed and completely at ease, be it after a long flight or after a day out in Colombo. The Spa specializes in hot stone therapies which are good for stress relief and blood circulation, amongst other things, and is also known for its deep tissue therapy and jet – lag therapy. Couple therapies are also optional.

The Little Things That Matter

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we try to focus on the little things that help us be as sustainable as possible – things that sometimes go unnoticed.

To reduce our electricity consumption,  Inverter power saving A/C’s and LED lights are used, while solar panels are used to provide as much clean energy as possible. A rainwater collection system is also used, while recycled water bottles are used in rooms and all outlets, to reduce usage of plastic.

By being as sustainable as possible Colombo Court Hotel & Spa reduces its carbon emission as much as it can. However, being Carbon Neutral means the hotel needs to take it one step


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