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Happy Hours in Spa in Colombo
19 / May / 2017

Amber Spa Introduces Its Happy Hour For A Limited Period!

Happy Hours in Best Spa in Colombo

With the holiday season ending, and the new year beginning, it is time to take personal inventory of your health and wholeness. The Sri Lankan New Year and Vesak Holiday Season is a perfect time to prioritize your health and well-being, and go the extra mile to make sure your mind, body, and soul are refreshed and rejuvenated after the busy season. Take the time to treat yourself to a luxurious Amber Spa therapy from May 22nd onwards during our Happy Hour promotion, where you will receive half off of all therapies under Body Massage and Quick n’ Easy segment if you book a treatment in between the hours of 10am and 1pm.

Each treatment is derived from well-known Thai, Balinese, or Ayurvedic therapies to bring the best of ancient Asian wellness practices to you. Our therapies are designed so that you don’t just feel pampered, but that you feel cured- of any ailments- whether weight gain, fatigue, stress, acne, even the common cold. That’s right, you can relax and lose weight at the same time. With our hot stone massage, we use acupressure techniques to increase blood circulation, purify and detoxify the body, and increase metabolism. This preps your body to release any weight that was accumulated during the stressful holiday season.

We use rejuvenating and relaxing aromas, with cinnamon and citronella to revive the body, and lavender and olive oil to relax it. Our therapies make sure that you don’t just feel pampered, but that you leave with your mind and body at ease.

You will not only feel good in the mind and body, you will also look great when you step out from your treatment. Certain therapies such as Lulur Body Scrub and Princess Secret under the Body Treatment segment use Indonesian Lulur powder- a mix of finely ground rice, nuts, turmeric root, ginger, cinnamon and sandalwood powder, famously used the bodies of Indonesian royalty before their wedding day to give their skin a natural glow.
It is important to prioritize personal health, both physical and mental. Especially in the day and age of personal technology, busy schedules, and fast-paced lifestyles that cause us to forget to live in the moment and neglect our natural bodies. We want to provide an opportunity for all men and women to have access to high quality treatments and take care of these needs. Do give a call to Colombo Court Hotel & Spa Hotel to schedule your therapy. Time to relax and enjoy some downtime! The Happy Hour is for a limited period so make your reservations now! Call +94 777 227 211 for bookings and take your next step toward personal health and wholeness.

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