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4 / Sep / 2015

Chef Jean Pierre’s Range Of Signature Cakes At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa


Colombo Court Hotel & Spa welcomes expert Chef Jean Pierre who celebrates over three decades of culinary excellence world over at many star studded occasions. He has partaken as Chef de partie at many international hotel chains including, to name but a few; Four Seasons Hotel- Paris, Southampton Princess Hotel – Bermuda, Shangri-LA Hotel – Singapore and Spago Beverly Hills Restaurant – Beverly Hlls, where he was contracted to make the first wedding cake of the legendary heartthrob Madonna.

It is regular for Chef Jean Pierre to be a part of celebrations and festive occasions in celebrities’ lives, and setting in motion his culinary excellence to make every “cake moment” the centerpiece of the celebration. From his scrumptious chocolate mousse delight, to his highway of rainbow ribbon, Chef Jean Pierre’s cakes have been tantalizing taste buds for decades.

Whether the idea for a cake is given to him on a sketchpad, verbally or by referencing a photo; Chef Jean Pierre is able to craft any confectionary delight into life with his nimble and patient skill that has been at work for decades.

Although every celebration is yet another passport to the forbidden destination of absolute indulgence, the creations of Chef Jean Pierre have appreciable qualities including selection of ingredients that are amiable to the pallet as well as the diet. The range of eggless cakes is comforting to the vegans and diet conscious sweet lover who can treat themselves to guiltless bliss.

Chef Jean Pierre’s Signature cake range available exclusively at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, and is available for your next special occasion which is bound to make the “cake moment” a definite talking point.


Talk to us on +94 11 464533 or Email – / for  inquiries & orders. Chef Jean Pierre will be happy to entertain your request for a confectionary delight, or Signature cake or production or reproduction of something you may have in mind. .

Order requires a minimum of 24 hours prior to pick up



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