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27 / Jan / 2020

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa Wins At The ‘traveller Review Awards 2020’ With Outstanding Performance

To provide the deserved recognition and honour to travel partners for their exceptional hospitality, sustained outstanding performance and in delivering memorable holidays of extraordinary standards, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa (CCH) was awarded at the ‘Traveller Review Awards 2020’ with an outstanding score of 8.6 by last week. To be a winner of the 2020 edition of the Traveller Review Awards, CCH met and exceeded all the criteria and had high review scores left by travellers after their stay and experience at the eco-friendly property.

As a leading boutique hotel offering ‘eco-luxury’ in Colombo, CCH has been a front-runner to deliver fantastic holiday getaways with unforgettable experiences whilst showcasing the warmth and vibrancy of contemporary Sri Lankan hospitality. With a vision to promote a mindful and tranquil lifestyle with nature, CCH is driven by a promising team of professionals who care about the environment and who are passionate about creating eco-friendly holidays. As a winner of the Traveller Review Awards 2020, CCH continues to provide the true paradise experience with its classic customer service and refined sustainable hospitality to all its guests. The leading global travel meta-search engine for reservations –, inspires millions of enthusiastic travellers by providing epic holiday properties across incredible destinations across the world.

Commenting on the award Kevin Schumacher, the sales and operations manager stated that: “We are extremely pleased and proud of our achievement and I congratulate the entire team of CCH for the unwavering commitment in making this possible. The review score is much more than a number, it appreciates our hard work and mission to shape amazing holiday experiences for all our guests. Behind every score are incredible guest experiences, real connections and lasting moments that we are extremely proud of. Exceptional guest experiences are the foundation of the travel and hospitality industry and to be recognized as a winner at’s Traveller Review Award 2020, exemplifies our journey as a hospitality service provider and is a testament to our outstanding guest relations and customer service. We look forward to accomplishing more in this sustainability journey and to drive CCH to greater heights as a top hospitality service provider in the region and the globe”.

CCH is the ultimate urban getaway amidst the buzzing city of Colombo where contemporary design meets rustic charm to give the best holiday experience of both worlds. As one of Colombo’s best-kept secrets, it creates a one of its kind holiday experience with a unique lifestyle of sustainable holidaying and an array of exclusive services. The brand embodies a passion for inspired living and promises holistic and enhanced experiences for its guests. The New Year continues to be another promising year for CCH as it adds another prestigious award to its collection whilst maintaining exceptional standards in the hospitality industry.

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