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7 / Apr / 2017

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa Now A Proud Good Market Travel Vendor!

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is now a proud Good Market Travel vendor.

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has just been approved as a Good Market Travel vendor. South Asia’s First CarbonNeutral® City Hotel, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has been CarbonNeutral®  certified for the past 2 years. We have now been recognized as an entity that has met the high standards set by the Good Market.


Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has always focused on being sustainable. The interior of the hotel was designed by Sunela Jayewardene – one of Sri Lanka’s most revered Environmental Designers. Using recycled material to reduce the consumption of scarce resources, the 5 properties that make the hotel’s 32 rooms and outlets were artistically designed to be environmentally friendly. The floors in the lobby, Wine Lounge and Library are made from bricks that made the walls in the previous property, while open spaces make up the many courtyards around the hotel, giving natural air a chance to circulate and cool the public areas of the property. Indigenous plants have been used around the hotel in many forms as well, most notably as separators in the form of bamboo walls that divide certain aspects of the hotel, separating the front of the hotel from the road and creating a backdrop by their poolside. In design, trees as old 90 years were built around, so as not to destroy the flora already present. Majority of the arts and sculptures around the hotel too, were made from scrap metal, with our signature sculpture being a tree made of bicycle parts spanning three floors, courtesy of the brilliantly creative Prageeth Manohansa.


Apart from the arts and interior, we also do our best to reduce single use items such as plastic water bottles, and instead use reusable glass water bottles in all rooms and outlets. Inverter power saving A/C’s and LED lights are used to reduce electricity consumption, with solar panels being used to provide as much clean energy  as possible. A rainwater collection system is also used.


Every year, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa gets their Carbon Footprint calculated by the Carbon Consulting Company. This footprint is then offset with the purchase of carbon credits, which are bought to sponsor an activity that is beneficial to the environment and, as a spillover effect, the community around it.

These steps taken by Colombo Court Hotel & Spa have made it possible for us to get Good Market Certification. With a motto of being ‘good for the planet, good for the country and good for you’, the Good Market has always been about helping and promoting businesses that benefit the health of individuals and the environment. By getting Colombo Court Hotel & Spa on board, they are furthering their cause by bringing two groups of people – those that care about the environment, and those offering services that do not do it any harm – together.

With a mission of wanting to provide premium hospitality services, without the guilt of harming the environment, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is proud to be Good Market Certified. We hope that through our success as a Carbon Neutral Company, we can influence others to move forward in the same direction. It is the way forward to a sustainable and green future.

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