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26 / Jul / 2019

Did You Know Facts About Colombo Court Hotel & Spa

Bicycle Tree

Our bicycle tree stands on a spot where an Araliya tree once grew. Not happy with the fact  that it had to be taken down when building the property, Prageeth Manohansa was approached to build us a tree made completely of recycled bicycle parts. It spans 3 floors.

Scrap Metal birds

Birds made from the scrap metal can be found all over the hotel. Pictured here is the largest of the lot, fondly named Timothy.

Railway Sleepers

The roof of our lobby is lined with old railway sleepers – some over a 100 years old!

The Floors

The floors in the lobby, Wine Lounge and Library are made from bricks which used to make the walls of the old property. We also used recycled scrap metal to make the tables in the lobby.

Bamboo Walls

To reduce the use of raw materials and to increase the greenery at our hotel, Bamboo walls are used to separate the hotel from the road, certain room courtyards from public areas and also as walls at the poolside.

The Corea House

The latest addition to Colombo Courtyard, nicknamed the Corea House, used to belong to – you guessed it – a family named Corea. Very little changes were made to this house, with it’s windows and stairway being over 60 years old. Even magazines that belonged to the Coreas can still be found on a bookshelf there.

The Library

The Library is a little book nook ideal for meetings and a good read.  With floors made from reused bricks and chairs semi made from paper, it’s a very chilled out place to sip a coffee and discuss corporate plans, or to just get lost in a good book.

Captures of Sri Lanka

Located around the hotel, but concentrated specifically at Scarlet Room and the Corea House Lobby, are photos of life in Sri Lanka. Captured by renowned photographer Ruvin De Silva, the pictures bring out different aspects of our beautiful island that you could see on a daily basis, but miss to appreciate.

Paper Chandeliers and Lamps

Located on room floor lobbies and Scarlet Room, Chandeliers and lampshades made from paper  can be found.

Tractor Seats

The bar stools at Loft Lounge bar are made from old tractor seats.

Scrap Metal Furniture

The Couches and tables at Loft Lounge Bar are made from scrap metal and wood, sourced from different locations

The Trees

Deciding not to cut down, but rather build around, trees that are 60-80 years old can be found by the Poolside.

Bicycle Lamps

The bedside lamps in all our rooms are made from recycled bicycle parts.


Colombo Courtyard boasts 32 rooms, of which 15 are suites. Each room is uniquely designed, giving repeating guests the opportunity to experience something new every time.

Amber Spa

Our Spa specializes in Balinese therapies with experienced therapists with years of experience at the best spas in the island. Hot stone massages, a speciality at Amber Spa, are used to eliminate tension and are used as a detoxifying therapy.

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