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20 / Dec / 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” An old song that captures the start of the beautiful season. Though universally associated with snow and decorated houses (and Home Alone), each part of the world has it’s own significant feel that is brought to you by December. Whether you celebrate the season or not, it’s quite palpable, the feeling you get around town.

In Colombo, it’s the air. There is something special in the air during Christmas. It’s colder than the usual breeze and there is this significant difference, that can only be described by the breeze itself. Sometimes you think it’s something that you make up in your head, but then your feelings are confirmed when they are voiced with equal surprise and excitement by those around you. While it blows by at different times, the christmas air usually sneaks in towards the beginning of December and tends to last throughout the season with, quite literal, hot spots of days that remind you that Sri Lanka is indeed tropical.


As a multicultural nation, Sri Lankans and their visitors are fortunate to go through months of different sorts of festivity. Vesak, the celebration of the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha brings about the famous vesak lanterns that garb every street in brightly coloured lights, shapes and sizes. Holi – a festival of colours, find people dousing their loved ones in an explosion of colours. Ramadan, where the celebration of the end of fasting finds an amount of food that kings and their courts would find difficult to get through, brings the ever famous Biriyani and Wattalapam combo to the table and finally Christmas – the year end holiday that brings about  an array of decoration and light.

A Vesak Lantern

A Vesak Lantern

Vesak Decorations at Gangarama Temple

Vesak Decorations at Gangarama Temple

Holi -The Festival of Colours

Holi -The Festival of Colours

Places to see beautiful decorations? Visit a Hotel and/or Retail store.They tend to go ‘all out’, as they say, with bringing you the spirit of Christmas. Certain places are a must-see, such as Odel – where they theme the entire property. Personal childhood memories go back to a time when the whole complex was themed as if it were out of a disney cartoon. Every year, families will choose their places to loaf, as nothing gets you in that christmas spirit like carols on the radio, on the PA’s at the malls and the seasonal decorations that adorn the streets and stores.




While every country has its share of black sheep, Sri Lankans as a whole are found to be very hospitable. Always a smile on their face, they will welcome you to their shops, the offices and even their homes, with open arms. This is something else that makes Christmas in Sri Lanka so special – it’s people. From a country that suffered through a racial civil war, and with all the happenings around the world today, it is a beautiful sight to see people from other races and religion celebrating each other’s holidays and festivals. It’s not uncommon to find christmas trees in non-christian houses, while it’s equally not uncommon to see vesak lanterns in non-buddhist houses. Ramadan – well everybody’s on board for Ramadan! Who doesn’t love a good feast!

Image Courtesy Daily FT

Image Courtesy Daily FT

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we do our best to make you feel at home, during the season and otherwise. With Christmas trees around the hotel and fairy lights lighting up the property, you’ll definitely feel the Christmas spirit paying you a visit. If you wish to get a blast of what Colombo has to offer you, you would have to look no further than a walk  away from our hotel. Perfectly  located to be in the centre of all the Christmas rush, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is located in the midst of all the shopping centres in Colombo. If all your shopping tires you out, a quick therapy at our Spa will have you right back in your relaxed, holiday mode. Christmas Eve also brings about a beautiful five course menu, created to give you that special taste of Christmas, while New Year’s Eve brings about a nine course degustation menu and an insane rooftop party.



The joy that people radiate during the month of December, along with the decor surrounding you everywhere you go will give you an experience in Sri Lanka like no other. While you don’t usually see a tropical country as a Christmas destination, we have just one thing to say – don’t judge a christmas book by it’s cover.


From the team at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we would like to wish you a beautiful season and a fabulous New Year.


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