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29 / Sep / 2020

Loft Lounge Bar

Loft Lounge Bar is the trendiest bar set in the depths of Colombo and is the perfect place for good friends and even better drinks. So, if you are looking for a bar with TVs or a brilliant spot to settle in and watch a game, Loft Lounge Bar is the place to be. Alongside multiple screens for mass viewing and the freedom to scream at the referee when your team is down in the ruts striving for a hopeful comeback or cheering your squad when stamping on rivals, we want you to have an immersive experience with us. Whether it’s a lucky cocktail to elevate your spirits, epic food to fuel your undying enthusiasm, or even a shoulder to cry on when your team is down in the dumps, Loft Lounge has everything you need.

Loft Lounge Bar offers a delectable menu of drinks and food to keep you and your winning attitude at its peak. The professional bartenders at the Loft Bar are maestros at concocting the best cocktails, mocktails and every drink imaginable. Unwind with your favourite drink, be it after a hard day’s work or a hectic and a stressful week in general. Originality is the buzz-word at the Loft Bar from the magnificent thirst-quenchers to the artistic and rustic environment weaved into the ambiance. Be sure to sample from the impressive selection of scotch and wines to the more refined palate.

The Loft Lounge Bar, a part of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, firmly believes in the safety and well being of the staff and guests. It is of paramount importance and the team assures you that, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is closely monitoring and stringently following the guidelines provided by the WHO and other reputed global organizations to prevent and protect against the spread of Covid-19.

 Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is the ultimate urban getaway amidst the buzzing city of Colombo where contemporary design meets rustic charm to give the best holiday experience of both worlds. As one of Colombo’s best-kept secrets, it creates a one of its kind holiday experience with a unique lifestyle of sustainable holidaying and an array of exclusive services. The brand embodies a passion for inspired living and promises holistic and enhanced experiences for its guests. This year continues to be a key milestone for Colombo Court Hotel & Spa as it adds another prestigious award to its collection whilst maintaining exceptional standards in the hospitality industry.

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