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Hyderabad Mutton Biriyani
7 / Nov / 2016

North Indian Biriyani At Amber Poolside

Hyderabad Mutton Biriyani

One of the greatest opportunities presented by having multiple F&B venues is the chance to serve a variety of quality food, and we have just that – multiple venues, serving quality food. An F&B experience at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa can vary from fine dining to a fusion of genres at various outlets. In the mood for some Fine Dining? Scarlet Room has just the ambience for you. How about some chilled out music and some great cafe food? Cloud Cafe – our rooftop restaurant has the perfect setting. A quick meal during lunch time? Amber Poolside has its usual poolside menu plus it’s latest Business Lunch menu.

The Business Lunch at Amber Poolside launched about 2 months ago and is going strong. Consisting of 4 different menus rotated weekly, this week brings back one of our specialities – North Indian Biriyani.

Blue Water Prawn Biriyani


‘What makes it so special?’ You ask. Well to begin with, these flavour packed dishes are made by our very own Chef Madan Singh. Chef Madan Singh hails from Punjab with over a decade worth of experience, four of them here, in our Kitchen. Chef Madan has an array of tricks and recipes up his sleeve, that he’s accumulated over the years, and he’s pulled a few out to lay out one of the best Biriyani menus in town. With a variety, ranging from Blue Water Prawn Biriyani to a Vegetable and homemade Paneer Biriyani, to a succulent Chicken Biriyani, we have something for everybody. While it’s not right for us to be biased about how our dishes taste, the gentleman writing this article would like to point out that the Mutton Biriyani is to die for! – But that’s just personal preference of course! All Biriyani is served with Raita, Papadam and Mint Chutney.


Another special factor is the venue. Amber Poolside is the perfect getaway from all that stress. If you’re tired of sitting in your enclosed, stuffy office, and are looking for a breather, the open air space of Amber Poolside is just for you. According to psychologists, the colour green helps renew and restore depleted energy while the colour blue brings about an easiness to the mind, with it’s cooling effect. Both these colours blend perfectly at Amber Poolside, with greenery giving you shade from the sun, while the pool provides you soothing blues. Couple this with a quick and delicious meal, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for lunch.


Amber Poolside and it’s Business Lunch menu can be found at our city centre property – Colombo Court Hotel & Spa. Being located so centrally means that it’s the perfect venue for a lunch on the way to a meeting, or even a place to host that business meeting. Our ever attentive waiters will make sure that all your requests are met, and top it all, our Chef has challenged himself. He understands your need to rush off during work hours and the a quick meal is essential. He’s given himself the task of serving your meal within 20 minutes of your order, or your food’s free! While the Business lunch is open to all, Chef’s Challenge is only valid for reservations, so make sure to call in and reserve those seats! The number to dial is 077 302 0703.

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa – not only your Urban Hideaway, but your lunch time getaway as well!

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