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14 / Nov / 2019

Reasons A Business Traveler Should Chose A Boutique Hotel

Today, in most cases than not, business is conducted outside the boardroom – at a stylish cocktail bar, over a coffee meeting or even with lunch at a cool and relaxed restaurant.

These elements coupled with personalized service, a cozy room and a welcoming business environment are what every business traveler appreciates.

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa we offer these and so much more. Unlike the chain hotels, boutique hotels boast inspiring surroundings, great food, and trendy design making your business trip pleasurable, we also have our own in-house Spa that would take away your work stress and give all the comfort you need.

Business Travelers Choosing Something Different

At Colombo Court Hotel and Spa we offer a perfect place to celebrate style, enjoy memorable experiences, and engage with local culture, while business is being conducted.

Here are the top 4 reasons every business traveler should stay in a boutique hotel.

Availability of State Of The Art Business Technology 

Every business traveler has a set of amenities that he or she looks forward to in a hotel while traveling. However, generally, all business travelers require adequate space to work, reliable Wi-Fi, highly comfortable bed, clean bathroom, sumptuous food, and an excellent location.

Affordability & Style

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, we are luxurious and chic yet pocket friendly. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has not merely transformed mansions of yesteryear by lavishing them with more extravagance. Instead, our boutique hotel has been designed by up-cycling old office buildings to create a true green environment. They boast rates that are often flexible compared to standard hotels. Rooms at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa are much larger than the usual found around in Colombo for this price. This type of atmosphere is both affordable and relaxing after time spent on the road or in business meetings all day. The buildings are aesthetically pleasing because we have made every effort to model an Eco-friendly getaway experience that is both homely and luxurious at the same time.

Thus, ‘Sustainability’ is not just a by-word at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa. The material used to reconstruct the original buildings is all recycled material, such as bricks from broken boundary walls. Daylight is used at maximum capacity with open, airy spaces, and when the lights are turned on out of necessity, they are energy-saving LED lights.

Traveler And Company Specific Needs

The reason Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is more attractive for a business traveler is the fact that they meet all the specific needs of a company or their travelers. Corporate travel managers book these hotels in order to suit the tastes and roles of their traveling workers, and for your luck Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is located in the heart of Colombo, which makes it easy for any traveler be it Business or Pleasure to experience Colombo as it is. In the midst of a concrete jungle surrounded trees over a 100 years old a serene and cozy yet elegant place that would give you a peace of mind.

Personalized Service

We at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa normally provide sophisticated and personalized service with the utmost attention to detail. Professional staff is used to taking care of business-oriented requests. The hotel workers take their time to properly know and understand their guests as well as their needs. This ensures guests are never left waiting.

Actually, offering special attention to all the needs of guests stands out as the main feature of a boutique hotel. Personalized services enable travelers to feel comfortable when they are away from their normal surroundings. This way, a great relationship is established and thus a business traveler ends up having a memorable trip.

Come stay with us at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa your Home away from Home.

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