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SATA Award
11 / Jul / 2017

South Asian Travel Award

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa SATA Award

The South Asian Travel Awards is the first regional travel awards for Sri Lanka to be a part of. All the top Asian hotels from across India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives come together in one competition to see which establishment upholds the highest standards of service, sustainability and design. Representatives from all over the world come together to share their ideas and accomplishments of their organizations in order to set new standards for cutting edge service and sustainability.

This year, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is privileged to be nominated for the second time to compete against the other esteemed opponents in proving ourselves as one of the most uniquely designed sustainable boutique hotels. The nominations this year are the “Leading City Hotel”, “Leading Eco Hotel/ Resort” and the “Leading Designer Hotel/ Resort”. All three categories were nominated by the management at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa as the top categories that we hope to portray in the concept and operations of our hotel.

Delegates of each hotel get the opportunity to share their ideas in front of a panel of judges and explain why they deserve the title of the Leading hotel in their category, and receive feedback from the esteemed judges. The second part of the competition is an online voting portion, where former guests, hoteliers, and staff can vote for who they believe to be on the front lines of innovation and service.

All guests such as yourself can help in recognizing Colombo Court Hotel & Spa Boutique Hotel in Colombo as the leading City, Eco, and Designer hotel. We would love to be recognized as the leading city hotel due to our many business facilities and prime location in the commercial hub of Colombo. Our urban boutique hotel is located just walking distance from some of the best nightlife, shopping, and culinary experiences that the country has to offer. With hotel vehicles and very helpful concierge staff, all guests will find getting around the city to be extremely easy coming to and from the hotel. We aim to be the perfect getaway from the city, so that guests can be located close enough for a convenient commute, but retreat to the comfort and exclusivity of their hotel home.

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa was also the first Carbon Neutral Certified Hotel in all of South Asia. With many hotels following quickly behind, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa was able to take the necessary steps to build the hotel in a creative, sustainable and inspiring fashion, while also offsetting all carbon emissions through a partnered effort between the guests and the hotel to contribute to sustainability projects around the world.

Lastly, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa aims to be recognized as the leading designer hotel, since we believe that there are no hotels with as much character and innovative design as our urban boutique property. Renovated from 5 residential buildings in central Colombo, the history is just as interesting as the new property itself. The hotel has been stretched out with open spaces, the use of indigenous plants, and upcycled bicycle parts, tractor seats, and re-used brick walls give the hotel a quirky and characteristic feel. Most guests feel quite at home during their stay in Colombo.
We hope to receive your support by voting for our urban boutique hotel at in the above three categories to ensure that our hotel is recognized as one of the most characteristic and cutting edge boutique hotels in South Asia.

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