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20 / Sep / 2019

Talalla Beach, Sri Lanka – Tropical Paradise

The south coast of Sri Lanka is popular for its beautiful beaches and shorelines. The deep blue water of the Indian Ocean and the white and golden sand shores, makes for a perfect tropical retreat. There are many beaches in Sri Lanka that catches the eye of visitors. One such beautiful beach is the Talalla Beach. Though Talalla Beach in Sri Lanka, is not so much frequented by people, but it is still stunningly beautiful and the quiet environment adds to the serene charm of the place. Surrounded by luscious green vegetation and palm groves, this spit of golden sand is a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing time.

The beach is the exact example of what any beach should be and it remains almost uncrowded all throughout the day. Accessing the beach is also pretty simple, as it is only 4 hours’ drive away from the city of Galle.

The average year round temperature around Talalla doesn’t vary all that much and is pretty consistent, although the humidity level may vary throughout the year. There is a chance of rain almost in every season. If you wish to visit the beach in the hottest of temperature, then you can go during the months of April or May. May being the hottest of all seasons. Nut the most recommended time to visit the Talalla Beach is during the months of January till early March. The weather at this time is ideal for all sorts of activities.

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