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20 / Jan / 2017

The New Year At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa.. So Far!

A belated Happy New Year, to you the reader! We would have loved to have caught up sooner, but the start of the year is always hectic. While multiple things have been happening, let’s get updated on a few more important ones.

The year at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa started off on a high, with our annual New Year’s Eve party at our rooftop restaurant – Cloud Cafe. Titled ‘Countdown to 2017’ this year, the party offered an amazing open aired setting to a really amazing group of guests, who had the opportunity to walk off with hotel stays and return air tickets, after having a great time on the dance floor!



The new year seems to be bringing the dawn of a new life to a lot of happy people as well. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has had the wonderful opportunity to play host to already numerous weddings, engagements and photo shoots that have made use of the contemporary design and open spaces of the Hotel, to capture and celebrate their special moments. Amber Poolside – our poolside venue, has been the choice pick for people tying the knot. An open aired venue with plush greenery, complimented by the blue of the pool and the overall wood effect of the surroundings, Amber Poolside offers a great, natural outdoor setting in the heart of the city.





Being an eco friendly hotel has been a core value of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa. The Hotel is currently in the process of renewing its Carbon Neutral certificate for the 4th year running. We hope to continue to support a clean and healthier environment and strongly believe that becoming Carbon Neutral is a step every business should take. We as a company believe not only in the beauty of the now, but in the beauty of the future and the generations to come.

2017 is a year filled with opportunity. With an improvement in infrastructure and with Sri Lanka being named The top travel destinations by Bloomberg, we hope that we get the opportunity to serve you soon. If you have visited us before, thank you very much for choosing our Hotel as your home away from home! If you are looking around and contemplating a stay in Sri Lanka, we would love to have you and give you an experience like no other.

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, you comfort is what matters.

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