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22 / Sep / 2017

Training And Tranquility: Staying Fit In Paradise

Sri Lanka is known as an oasis of spiritual tranquility and complete relaxation for travelers. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa prides itself on offering a perfect bridge between the modern and new, harnessing the intrinsic qualities of Sri Lanka in an exclusive urban landscape.

Whilst you’re enjoying a much-needed break away, it can be easy to forget about the fitness you’ve undoubtedly put into getting yourself feeling great in preparation. With Colombo Court Hotel & Spa offering a wonderful range of food, drink and intensely relaxing massages, you might feel yourself falling off the wagon, so to speak. But, at the same time, an all-out workout hardly seems relaxing. So; what to do?


Whilst it might seem counterintuitive to go running in sweltering weather, the heat and humidity you’ll experience in countries like Sri Lanka can offer a more productive workout with less of the exertion. Try a light jog outside of the hottest hours of the day; the scenery and air will be fresh.

Post work-out, the benefits of a massage are tangible in working out any tightened muscles, or even a short yoga session in the Colombo Court Hotel & Spa gym. Also on offer are a huge range of muscle tension relieving opportunities, including expert massages and use of the beautifully designed jacuzzi area. The benefits of post-workout stress relief are well documented.

Pilates and Core Workouts

Perhaps even lower impact than jogging, and possible to do in the relief of an air conditioned room, are combined core workouts. You can easily achieve this at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, These help to burn fat and also strengthen your entire body, given the importance of your abdominal muscles. Combining pilates with a core workout can, like yoga, help to work out any tightness in your muscles.


The best workout on vacation can just be simple nutrition. Big companies are working with schools to try and impress upon kids how balanced meals are the most important thing towards having a healthy life; and the same can be applied for us.

It’s all too tempting to eat whatever you like on vacation. Try ditching the fattening breakfast for fruit every few days, and skipping a couple of drinks in the evening. You’ll be in no better place than at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, where you can enjoy a huge range of fresh fruit, green teas and over thirteen types of salad. With these opportunities, you could even try going all out and having a ‘green’ vacation if you like, playing it healthy all along. A little effort can go a long way to keeping you in shape and feeling great.


Finally, you can always hire a bicycle and take it around the city. There’s ample opportunity in Sri Lanka, let alone elsewhere in the world, to find and rent a classic bike and see the sights that way. Always make sure you are protected and are wary of the roads, but don’t feel intimidated. Cycling is on the up in Sri Lanka and taking a bike is an easy and low-impact way to burn calories without even thinking about it.

A vacation doesn’t have to be a continuation of your rigorous health routine from home, and nor does it have to be a care-free glutton-fest – though, if either of those things are what you want to do, you have earned the right! Using these tips you can enjoy your break and stay healthy.

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