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4 / Sep / 2015

Transformation Of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa– A Cnn Coverage


Colombo Court Hotel & Spa nested in the heart of Colombo with 32 rooms including 15 Suites each uniquely designed was converted with old 5 buildings attached along Duplication road.

CNN visited us in the late 2014 and covered this masterpiece. Below watch CNN’s Anna Coren interview with Colombo Court Hotel & Spa‘s Managing Director Arun Thapar & Sunela Jayewardene (Architecture & Environmental Designer)

The concept of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa was to have plenty of open spaces in the property to create an urban oasis in the heart of Colombo metropolitan area. To bring about this concept, 5 properties that were built during varying architectural periods had to be amalgamated to construct this boutique hotel. The challenge of this concept was to retain the structures of all the 5 buildings yet to bring about the series of courtyards. All ground floor rooms were to have private courtyards to emphasize privacy & space.

Our second concept is to incorporate industrial, rustic and environmental design elements into the hotel. The use of recycled or environmentally friendly materials within the hotel encompasses the natural beauty of earthy elements. From the initial concept the bricks which existed as boundary walls in the previous buildings were reused as floor tiles to provide a rustic finish for the lobby.


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