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14 / Jun / 2019

Travel Bans On Sri Lanka Relaxed

The Easter Sunday terror attacks in Sri Lanka were an unfortunate and tragic incident in the country’s history that dissuaded many tourists from visiting the beautiful island, dampening the economy and its flourishing tourism trade. Rated the world’s top destination by Lonely Planet, the country was suddenly pulled into a regresion.

Since then the government, organizations and private citizens have all banded together to stand united to ensure the safety of Sri Lanka for foreigners and locals alike. The many initiatives taken have aided in restoring the peace and safety of the nation.

In support of Sri Lanka’s effort to raise its head from this downfall, many countries have relaxed their travel advisories on Sri Lanka. Italy, Germany, The UK and many other Europpean governments have relaxed the travel bans set on Sri Lanka, allowing for their citizens to visit the wonder that is Sri Lanka.

China and india too have shown their support by relaxing their travel bans and through their airlines.

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister has stated that the cabinet has laid out and acted on plans that would create an influx of tourists this August, while assuring the safety of the nation and those visiting it.

This is much to the delight of inbound tour operators, hotels, the tourist industry and of course all of us here at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa. We look forward to the future with hope and expectation to become better and better as a tourist destination. And as always, we look forward to serving you once again!

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