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11 / Aug / 2017

Travel Smart – Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka does not have the best background in terms of safety and with all we have gone through for over 30 years, we seem to have found peace in our own little way. What most might or might not know is that you can find the friendliest people out here, ever ready to help!

Sri Lanka is like no other and that does not come from a biased perception but from its differentiation in geography, features, culture, landscape and customs. Located in between India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka is unique in its own form!

Here are a few things you should know before traveling to Sri Lanka:

  1. It is safe to travel in Sri Lanka – or anywhere in the world, the key is to be extra cautious and careful. I would recommend dressing decently so there will be rare catcalling, use meter tuk-tuks only to avoid been ripped, and avoid walking by yourself at night!
  2. We are still developing – slowly but surely!
  3. The tour guides love to converse in English and do not be startled if they are chatty – by nature, we are extremely talkative and curious!
  4. The locals – the best people to know. Often seen smiling regardless of what they may be going through. The locals are the kind of people that are willing to go the extra mile to help.
  5. Try the local delicacies – rice and curry is a must for the brave! Keep cold water as standby just in case. For the faint-hearted people, try the egg hoppers, string hoppers, coconut roti’s and kothu’s, oh and crab curry – fresh, fresh and to die for!
  6. Invest on clay pots – have you ever tasted food cooked in clay pots? It’s a different experience all together. Fresh and yummy, a good souvenir to take back with you but use it to cook.
  7. Wildlife – something special there! Don’t miss out!
  8. Political situations – not your concern. Avoid it like the plague!
  9. Taxes – inevitable and not the fault of the local people!
  10. Con artists and scams – Don’t give strangers too much information and keep your valuables with you, do not expose to the public.

Other than that, I think you are set to go! Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with so much diversity. We love to have a great time. We love our people and our food and we can guarantee the same with you. Visit Sri Lanka, you won’t regret it!

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