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29 / Feb / 2020

When In Sri Lanka : A Simple Language Guide With Everyday Phrases You Can Use To Make Your Holiday A Great One!

First things first, Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise with warm and friendly people. They will always greet you and if you’re able to respond in the local language they’ll smile even bigger than usual! Secondly, if you must choose to learn only one language before your trip, it should be Sinhala as it’s spoken by the majority population. Here’s a simple and handy guide to learn a few phrases or words in Sinhala in case of trouble or at the very least, to be respectful!

  • Hello – “Ayubowan”

There is no better word to know for a great start than a simple ‘Hello’. Make sure you grab someone’s attention with this phrase or just use it to greet a shop owner or hotel concierge. High chances the people will adore you!

  • Thank you very much – “Bohoma Istuti”

Make sure to use this phrase to show that you’re well-mannered and respectful to others, even if you don’t want to. A ‘thank you very much’ in the local language can do wonders as locals would be ready to help you. You can also use this as a great ending to an awkward conversation that you don’t want to have! But it’s always nice to say a ‘thank you’ right?

  • Please – “Karunakara”

The best way to get what you want is to add a ‘please’ at the end. Be nice, be polite and say ‘karunakara’ and you will get what you want. You are guaranteed to get some help or maybe an extra serving of tea or coffee. Surely, this phrase will do some magic!

  • I don’t understand – “Mata Therenneh Naha”

Well, you may not always understand what the locals tell you. Without having a confused face, say that you don’t understand. This will make the speaker repeat or speak more clearly. Sri Lankans are very hospitable and they’ll move mountains to make sure you understand. Just for you to know!

  • Do you speak English – “Oyate Ingrisi Katha Karanna Puluwandha”

If you are visiting a tourist attraction or a shop, it’ll be better to find someone who speaks English. Ask politely if they speak English, and if a person doesn’t, they will point to someone who does. So, make sure you ask this first to avoid the trouble!

  • How much is it – “Meeka Kiyadha”

Want to get a good deal for your bucks? This phrase is not the best way to find out the real price, but is perfect to start your negotiation. As tourists pay higher prices than the locals in general, you can bargain a better price if you can speak a few words in Sinhala. Give it a shot!

  • Food – “Kaema”

Knowing the word for food in the local language will prevent you from starving and will hint to others what you are looking for. This will allow locals to point you in the direction of a small café, restaurant or rather tell you where to find a quick bite. An important phrase indeed!

Impressing the locals with Sinhala phrases is one thing, and knowing the perfect place to stay in Sri Lanka is another. If you’re looking for a vintage boutique hotel, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa is the ultimate urban getaway amidst the lively city of Colombo where contemporary design meets rustic charm to give you the best holiday experience of both worlds.

The bright and earthy toned air-conditioned rooms with wood accents feature flat-screen TVs, plush beds, free Wi-Fi, safes, minibars, tea and coffeemakers and much more. Upgraded rooms and lavish suites have more opulent facilities including added seating areas and balconies that open up to spectacular views. Other hotel amenities include an Italian bistro, a cocktail bar in addition to a laid-back wine and tapas bar and much more. Situated close to the beach, Colombo Court Hotel & Spa also has an outdoor plunge pool, a spa and a gym whilst offering free parking and laundry services to all its guests! COLOMBO COURT HOTEL & SPA continues to deliver the true essence of the paradise island via its refined sustainable and nature-friendly hospitality to all its loyal patrons. The brand embodies a passion for inspired living and promises a holistic eco-luxury experience whilst maintaining exceptional standards in the hospitality industry.

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