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21 / Jun / 2019

Why Host An Event At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa?

It’s on your calendar: The birthday. The corporate party. The anniversary celebration. Whatever large event is approaching, you are going to need the right venue to help you throw a thrilling bash with all the right fixing!

Do not let the idea of hosting a party overwhelm you. By right, it is the hardest thing! The thought process that goes into setting a budget, finding a venue, a guarantee on good food, excellent service, invites, decor etc. The list goes on!

At Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, Colombo’s luxury boutique hotel – you will not find your conventional venue. The Amber poolside – an open venue surrounded by greenery, trees that are 80-90 years old decorated with fairy lights and a cool breeze that lasts throughout the night. The venue is perfect for weddings, homecomings, engagements, birthday parties, anniversaries or corporate functions – customize it the way you want! The menu options that come with booking the Amber Poolside is vast because anything can be done outdoors, from Action Stations, to delicious buffets and set menus! Plus the seating can be organized anyway you like – from cocktail to sit down! Intimate memories are made at Amber Poolside.

The Cloud Cafe – a favorite amongst many but a huge venue that awaits your special celebrations! The ambiance is mindblowing and the standard decoration cannot be missed from white chairs to concrete tables and fairy lights, this venue is perfect for big cocktail parties (corporate or otherwise), farewell parties, birthday parties or a big family gathering! At night is when this venue thrives, with the fantastic crisp air and the rooftop view.

The Scarlet Room – our designated meeting space for corporate events, conferences, meetings and cocktails. Placed on the 1st floor of the hotel, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. We also offer a projection screen and a host of varied seating arrangements to suit your needs! With the best wait staff, your corporate events will take place in comfort!

Putting an event together is quite the task with so many details to consider. But it’s very important that you enjoy the event yourself because when you book an event at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa you’d best believe that we have it all under control. We ensure your party will start and end without any flaws and our staff are trained to handle everything from the setup to the flow of the event. Let us take this burden off your plate – book a venue at Colombo Court Hotel & Spa and watch the magic unfold!

Tip – contact Kevin on 077 005 0607 or Denver on 077 005 8779 and they will do everything to make your event amazing!

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